Thursday, November 5, 2009

Labels & What Vince Said.

Hey guys.
So, Vince's idea is perfect and we're going to roll with that. In the future, please include the label of the celebrity with your post. I went back and edited all of the posts to include Danny Devito so that in the future, anyone that stumbles across this blog can find all of the illustrations of that particular celebrity on the right hand side. Don't try to make a fancy name for it; let's keep them all under the same label and in order to include the label it's right above where you publish (just in case you didn't know). The person that picks the celebrity can deem how they want it spelled. Just make sure you use that same label on yours. I hope that's not confusing. If it is, just go back and look at previous posts for the label location and what not. I've got a GREAT celebrity for Tuesday. I'm really excited that the hallway show is back to life. Also, NICE header. Was that your fancy work, Nikki?
Sincerely yours,

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