Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Its Been A While.

Heather and Hoobler tried to get it going. If anyone tries to hijack it in the future, the only rule of The Hallway Show is that you have to start it on a Tuesday (although Heather was close). Vince and I were talking about how we need to get this thing back on its feet and I was hit by the idea to do so after my two friends, Sean and Meredith, that I haven't seen in a while told me that they love The Hallway Show and that they show it to their friends. We also have followers that like what we do so why not give it to them? It's summer time, I miss doing this thing, and I miss seeing what everyone comes up with. So let's get back on the horse, guys. Let's get the ball rolling. I've got a pick for next Tuesday (or Vince might) and I hope everyone participates. What do you guys say?


  1. sounds good to me, now that its summer time ive got free time and would love a little extra inspiration. also matt byle wants an invite to the blog chelsea.

  2. you better post a new hallway piece or im gonna be sooooooo mad grrrrrrr

  3. Yeah I also have a few friends who tell me they check this blog and love it a lot! So I'd love to keep sharing cool stuff with the loyals :P