Tuesday, December 22, 2009

For Ron.

Ron was truly a gift to all of us at CCS. Like others have said, he helped every student who was lucky enough to have him in a figure drawing or anatomy class become a better artist. He was always so polite and soft-spoken, but when he got up to pose he was a rockstar. So cheers to Ron, we'll miss you but we all have the great memories to celebrate!

Figure Drawing I, December 5, 2005.

This is my favorite drawing/painting of Ron that I have. Why? Because in Anatomy, Eugene wanted us to try water based oils. I had never tried them before. We had to crop our painting to just a few features rather than a whole figure. I always had a fascination with Ron's hair. It was always one of my favorite parts of drawing him. Sometimes it would be long and flowy, sometimes it was in a ponytail, I even have a few where he has a bun. And no matter how crappy of a drawing someone did of him, or how unlike him it looked, if you saw that nice hair of his, you knew that was a drawing of Ron. When this pose was done, Ron went around the room like he always did to see what everyone drew. I was still doing some things to mine when he came up to me and said "wow, that's really neat, I don't think I've seen anyone crop a pose of me like that before." I remember telling him "thanks Ron! I just think you have great hair," and he smiled and laughed and walked on. Therefore, this is very dear to me. I am sad and happy now.

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  1. what a great memory. thanks for sharing that, lindsay.