Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"One way Ticket to Flavor Town"

The Hallway show this week is Guy Fieri, next week Danny can pick.

In highschool we would have to play popcorn and we would pick Pat Fenech over and over again because he couldn't read, and we'd waste a lot of classtime waiting for him to get through a full sentence every 3 minutes.


  1. that's so mean!!! good pick though.

  2. oh god he is so hideous, this is going to be marvelous.

  3. hahahahahaha "hideous."

    Yeah you're mean. But he shoulda gotten better at reading with all that practice. Also, popcorn in highschool still?

  4. nikki:
    i think the fact that a high schooler still doesn't know how to read but managed to make it to high school is a little more shocking than people paying popcorn in high school. hahah

  5. Yesterday I was watching 100 most Shocking music moments and Cyndi Lauper having a bird accidentally poop in her mouth was more shocking than Sonny Bono dying.